Lawns may contribute to global warming

There is a new study that was released that suggests, depending on where in the country you live, emission totals would go down if we didn’t have grass lawns. 

While it is true that the chemicals that are naturally in grass do help the environment and can help reduce the amount of carbon dioxide in the air, the amount of unnatural chemicals that we put into our yards to keep the bugs away or to keep the weeds from growing, or even just mowing in general, is outweighing the good chemicals in the grass and just putting more bad in the air than there was before.

I understand what you might be feeling right now. You can’t exactly stop caring for your lawn the way you usually would because it would overrun everything that you own and would become more of an issue. But you can’t go on taking care of your yard this way because it’s killing the environment and is helping global warming. So what exactly are you supposed to do here?

You don’t want to lose your grass and fill your yard with dirt. That is less than aesthetically pleasing and your yard would be a mud bath whenever it rained. That shouldn’t even be an option that you think of. It isn’t fair to you, your house, your car, or anyone who would get the run off of all the mud. Artificial Grass Recyclers, saves thousands of rolls from ending up in landfills and reusing them for home makeovers.

There was another study done by using Artificial Turf instead and while there was less harsh chemicals being used to take care of the lawn, it still shot off a lot of bad emissions and it trapped the chemicals that reduce carbon dioxide. Less so than the natural grass would with all of the sprays being used, but still not that great.

The point of the study is to show us that we should be taking care of our yard but we should also think about what we’re releasing into the environment. Use a push mower instead of a gas filled one. Trim the weeds with some clippers instead of spraying them away. Small things like this can help even if they don’t look like it.